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Taiwan Praising Dance Culture and Arts Foundation would like to explain our privacy policy to assure safe use of our services and information. Please read the following contents to protect your rights:

1. Scope of Privacy Policy
The policy covers how personal identification data collected through our website services is handled. It does NOT apply to external links or non-affiliated/managed personnel.

2. Collection, Processing, and Usage of Personal Data
Necessary personal data may be collected and processed exclusively to provide certain services upon your visit or use of our website features. We will not use your personal data for other purposes without written consent.

When using interactive functions like contact forms and surveys, we record names, emails, contacts, and access times that you directly provide.

General browsing also logs connection device IP addresses, access times/durations, browsers used, browsing and clicking records for internal reference to improve our services. These access logs are never publicly disclosed.

To provide accurate services, questionnaires and surveys are statistically analyzed. Resulting statistics or explanatory text may be published for internal research or as necessary, but does not include identifying personal information.

3. Data Protection
Only authorized personnel can access your personal information. External services contracted for business purposes are strictly required to uphold confidentiality agreements and follow necessary inspection procedures to ensure compliance.

4. External Links
Pages on this site provide links to other websites not governed by this privacy policy. Please refer to the privacy policies of those destinations for their relevant rules.

5. Third Party Data Sharing Policy
We will NEVER provide, exchange, lease, or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private companies, or public agencies without legal basis or contractual obligations.

Exceptions to the above include, but are not limited to:
– Written consent provided by you
– Clear legal provisions
– To avoid threats to your life, person, liberty or property
– Cooperating with public agencies or academic institutions based on public interest for statistics or academic research purposes, where the information processing makes subjects unidentifiable

– Disclosure deemed necessary to identify, contact, or take legal action against those violating terms of service or harming/obstructing website rights or other users

– In your best interests

We exercise due oversight and management responsibilities over contracted third-party agents processing or utilizing your personal data.

6. Use of Cookies
To provide optimal service, cookies are placed and accessed on your device through our website. You may configure your browser privacy settings to reject cookies, but some functions may then fail to execute properly.

7. Privacy Policy Updates
This privacy policy is subject to updates posted directly on our website as needs change.

8. Information Review and Deletion
Members can review authorized name and email details stored for order records in My Account at any time.

To request data erasure or discontinued use, please Contact Us from top right menu.

Related inquiries can be emailed to: praisedance77@gmail.com

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