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Origin of Praise Exercise

Founder - Praise Exercise Mothe
Teacher Wu Mei-Yun

Teacher Wu Mei-Yun, the founder and a native of Huatan, Changhua, Taiwan, was originally an elementary school teacher. At the age of 29, she was baptized at the Taipei Gongguan Presbyterian Church. After baptism, she gave up her stable teaching job to study religious music at Taiwan Theological College.

After graduating from the theological college, she served in music ministry in the Presbyterian Church until she moved to the United States with her husband. After her husband's retirement, Teacher Wu and her husband returned to Taiwan, dedicating themselves to children's music education for ten years. During this time, Teacher Wu created a lot of children's music and educational materials, which were used by many kindergartens as music textbooks for children.

After ten years in children's music education, Teacher Wu's career was flourishing. One day, while having a meal and chatting with four kindergarten principals of different religious faiths, one of them said to her, "You have reached the peak in your children's music career, and since you have studied theology, you should serve your Lord." Responding to God's call, Teacher Wu and her husband went back to the theological college in the United States and began 12 years of missionary work.

After retiring from missionary work and returning to Taiwan, Teacher Wu would exercise every morning at Rongxing Garden near her home. She noticed that most of the exercise groups she joined in the past three months were from other religions. So, she prayed to God: "God, please let me create an exercise group that belongs to You." Thus, Teacher Wu began to write songs and design movements using Bible verses, creating a set of Praise Exercises that allow simultaneous exercise and worship of God.
20230623 0187


創辦人吳美雲老師為台灣彰化花壇人, 原是位小學老師, 2 9 歲 在台北公館長老敎會接受洗禮, 受洗後, 放棄當時金飯碗的小學 敎職, 轉而就讀台灣神學院宗敎音 樂系。神學院畢業後, 在長老敎會裡做音樂服事工 作, 直到與丈夫結婚而移居美國。丈夫退休後, 吳老 師與先生回到了台灣, 投身於長達十年的兒童音樂敎 育工作。這期間, 吳老師創作了非常多的兒童音樂及 音樂學習敎材, 當時有很多幼稚園, 使用吳老師所寫 的音樂敎材,做為兒童的音樂課本。

十年的兒童音樂敎育, 使吳老師的事業如日中天。有 一天, 吳老師和四個來自不同宗敎信仰的幼稚園園長 吃飯聊天,其中一位園長吿訴吳老師:「妳的兒童音樂 工作已經做到高峰了, 妳是讀過神學院的, 應該要去 服事妳的主。」回應神給她的呼召,吳老師與先生再回 美國的神學院就讀,並且開始12年的傳道工作。

傳道工作退休回到台灣之後, 吳老師每天早上, 都會 去家裡附近的榮星花園做運動, 覺得自己這三個月來 所參加的運動團體, 大多是其他宗敎的運動團體。因 此她便向神禱吿說:「神阿!求祢讓我自己來創作一個 屬於祢的運動團體。」就這樣,吳老師開始用聖經的話 語來寫詩歌、設計動作, 創作出一套能夠一面運動、 一面敬拜神的讚美操。
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